Our Lens

Seeing Real Estate Through a Different Lens

You might notice that things look a bit different at Hampshire. We’re enhancing our brand to reflect our core principles and to further amplify our commitment to organizational excellence. By elevating our standard beyond industry benchmarks, we are establishing a culture that that is no longer singularly focused on raising the bar, but rather transcending it.

At Hampshire, achieving organizational excellence requires us to focus on four key areas—our culture, our talent, our strategy, and our performance. The goal is to empower our people by challenging them to not accept the standard answers or solutions but to take the information that they have acquired, convert it into knowledge and then use that knowledge to drive creative solutions. Historically as an organization the symbol of this process, and our brand, is represented as the Hampshire Prism.

The Hampshire Prism, just like an optical prism, captures a ray of light, or in our case information that comes flowing in. Instead of the light or the information just passing through the prism or our talented people it gets refracted into a rainbow of colors or in our case into a kaleidoscope of knowledge. Through this process we see things more clearly, allowing us to come up with creative solutions. We are, in essence, viewing real estate through a different lens.

At Hampshire we are in service to our investors, our communities, and each other by driving innovative solutions and creating value across the spectrum. Our prism approach empowers our people to set individual standards of success meant to transcend that which is commonplace in our industry, allowing them to unlock powerful insights and deliver superior results.

This blog, and the posts that will ensue, are meant to serve as a platform 
for us to share our ideas and commentary on key industry issues and topics. Those who follow it regularly can look forward to our passionate employees highlighting just how we see real estate through a different lens. I invite you to come back and visit often and hope you enjoy the insights shared.

James E. Hanson II
President & CEO
The Hampshire Companies